Services at the stud

The stud offers excellent facilities where you will find everything you need to keep your horse healthy and fit.

It is divided into two stables, the main stable is in St. Vith, where it has all the facilities for the sport horses and breeding mares with their foals. There are around 10 acres of fields which the horses are able to enjoy every day.

The other stable is 10 minutes away in Maspelt where we have the 2 and 3 year old horses, for the rearing on 25 acres. These facilities and the care the horses receive from the staff couldn’t be better and are ideal for bringing up young horses.

If you click below on the logo of the stud you will find some pictures of the stables and the yards.


The services that we offer can be split into different models. 


Model 1:  

You can bring us your breeding mare and we will take care of the rest.

We will take care of her during the whole pregnancy (video control possible), the birth, bringing the foal with all the care that it needs and if you wish we can brake him in as a 3 year old and carry on the training.


Model 2:

You can bring your  3 year old horse to us in order for us to brake him in, or we can make your stallion ready for the „stallion license“ 


Model 3:  

You can bring your horse to our stables and we will take it into training with the idea of  competing and/or selling it.


Model 4:  

Come to our stables with your own horse for a professional dressage lesson with Chloe.